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CN-101423471-A: Method for preparing high-purity octanoic acid and capric acid patent, CN-101423494-A: Tetrahydro chinolines derivates and synthetic method patent, CN-101423559-A: 一种制备在淡水中粘度高的黄原胶的方法 patent, CN-101424332-A: 用于机械的控制装置 patent, CN-101424573-A: Alarm method based on liquid crystal display and apparatus with the liquid crystal display patent, CN-101424881-A: 光刻投射装置 patent, CN-101425539-A: 高迁移率沟槽金属氧化物半导体场效应晶体管 patent, CN-101425571-A: Discharge preventing device for dry cell patent, CN-101426007-A: Different addressing converting method, system and equipment patent, CN-101426097-A: 存储数字多媒体广播程序数据的便携式装置及其方法 patent, CN-101427169-A: A downhole optic fiber wet connect system and method patent, CN-101427461-A: 可编程的低噪声放大器及方法 patent, CN-101429138-A: Method for producing isocyanic ester in gas-phase patent, CN-101430051-A: Portable solar camping lamp patent, CN-101431219-A: Switch cabinet connection combination apparatus and manufacturing method thereof patent, CN-101432658-A: 半导体处理中控制形成在晶片上的结构的临界尺寸的方法和系统 patent, CN-101432928-A: Antenna structure and wireless communication device employing the same patent, CN-101432963-A: 相位调制器 patent, CN-101433135-A: 用增加的气流来冷却产生热的电子装置的系统 patent, CN-101433997-A: Trackless type self-protecting complete position automatic soldering device and welding process thereof patent, CN-101438109-A: 可变容量多回路空调系统 patent, CN-101438613-A: 利用选通上行链路dpcch或选通下行链路f-dpch或dpcch传输的增强型ue失步行为 patent, CN-101439520-A: Hollow type punching and shaping method patent, CN-101439663-A: 混合动力汽车空调压缩机及液压泵驱动系统 patent, CN-101440560-A: 衣物处理装置 patent, CN-101442155-A: 一种扩展天线带宽的方法 patent, CN-101442238-A: Hollow cooler for motor patent, CN-101442753-A: 一种对高层楼宇进行深度覆盖的方法 patent, CN-101443301-A: Process for producing high-purity bisphenol A and production apparatus patent, CN-101443559-A: Variable hydraulic motor driving device patent, CN-101444247-A: Locking structure of discharging door of a hard ice cream machine and the application thereof patent, CN-101444385-A: 有记录功能的镜子 patent, CN-101444420-A: Blood pressure measuring apparatus patent, CN-101445066-A: 一种载流式可调整体吊弦 patent, CN-101445689-A: 羧甲基纤维钠基涂料 patent, CN-101446291-A: 一种高效屏蔽泵 patent, CN-101446358-A: 微型阀及组装方法 patent, CN-101446459-A: 一种柔性导流双螺旋套管式换热器 patent, CN-101446658-A: Mirror and optical scanning device patent, CN-101446921-A: 一种Flash存储器的动态存储方法 patent, CN-101446960-A: Method for browsing web page at digital television terminal and browser thereof patent, CN-101447380-A: 一种平面介质阻挡放电光源的制造方法 patent, CN-101447687-A: 通信基站用混合交流供电电源控制系统 patent, CN-101448056-A: Processing apparatus with touch panel patent, CN-101449930-A: 高矮可调的蒸菜架 patent, CN-101450134-A: External traditional Chinese medicine preparation for treating scald patent, CN-101450233-A: Medical fluid injector patent, CN-101451001-A: 一种用于减震橡胶的组合物及其制备方法和减震橡胶 patent, CN-101451355-A: 一种回填土层的保水方法 patent, CN-101452663-A: Planar display with assembly combined and supported by adhesive fixing object patent, CN-101453803-A: EL sheet and manufacturing method thereof patent, CN-101454015-A: Extracts and methods comprising green tea species patent, CN-101454150-A: UV resistant multilayered cellular confinement system patent, CN-101454732-A: Apparatus, system, and method for wireless diagnostics patent, CN-101454900-A: 具有反射表面的太阳能收集器装置 patent, CN-101455333-A: 用菊苣块根生产食品的方法 patent, CN-101455509-A: Chopsticks with thermometer patent, CN-101456239-A: 可封阻分流道的一模多穴射出模具 patent, CN-101456349-A: 无差速器分布式电动汽车驱动系统 patent, CN-101457415-A: 梳理机上用于棉、合成纤维和类似物的装置 patent, CN-101458077-A: Height difference measuring method and digital device patent, CN-101458093-A: 导航设备 patent, CN-101458437-A: Porjector adjustment device patent, CN-101458620-A: Program code generation support device and method, program execution device and method, program code compression device and method, program for the same patent, CN-101458782-A: 品质管理横向整合系统及方法 patent, CN-101459154-A: Conductive wire rack and encapsulation construction applying the conductive wire rack patent, CN-101459565-A: Recovery method, device and network node for multiplexing protection service patent, CN-101460192-A: Methods and compositions for vaccination of poultry patent, CN-101460342-A: 安全气囊以及用于制造安全气囊的方法 patent, CN-101460917-A: 具有多分段背光的高动态对比度显示系统 patent, CN-101461209-A: Arrangement and method for securing data transmission patent, CN-101461886-A: 一种治疗结肠炎与咳喘病的中药丸剂 patent, CN-101462574-A: Bicycle tyre with inflating device patent, CN-101462758-A: 一种制备抗水化氧化钙材料的方法 patent, CN-101463001-A: 一种八氢环戊烯并[c]吡咯羧酸衍生物及制备方法 patent, CN-101463910-A: Novel electrostatically addressable microvalves patent, CN-101465941-A: 全角度图像螺旋失真的自动校正装置及校正方法 patent, CN-101466075-A: Matching method for group paging of CDMA cluster system patent, CN-101466445-A: Vapor delivery to devices under vacuum patent, CN-101467363-A: Transmission system, transmission method, transmitter, receiver, and decoding method patent, CN-101467949-A: 一种生物制品牙膏 patent, CN-101468934-A: Gas generator composition and preparation thereof patent, CN-101469162-A: Semitransparent dark brown calcined umber superfine aqueous color sizing dispersion and preparation thereof patent, CN-101469889-A: 空调器 patent, CN-101470775-A: 铁路客运站客服信息集中干预系统的控制方法 patent, CN-101471229-A: Wafer sorting method patent, CN-101471968-A: Slip cover type handhold device and control mode of side key thereof patent, CN-101473296-A: USB wireless network drive patent, CN-101473884-A: Yoghourt ice-cream and preparation method thereof patent, CN-101475884-A: Perfumed soap composition containing vitamin active additive patent, CN-101477159-A: Corona starting voltage high-altitude correcting method for extra-high voltage and ultra-high voltage line conductor patent, CN-101477206-A: Geological calamity emergency monitoring, predicting and analyzing method patent, CN-101477370-A: Manufacturing system production schedule extraction method based on complex network patent, CN-101478248-A: DC voltage stabilizing power source based on three-phase pulse rectifier and control method thereof patent, CN-101478262-A: Speed-position dual close-loop control scheme for ultrasonic motor patent, CN-101478838-A: Measurement scheduling method for dual-mode terminal when working under TD-SCDMA network mode patent, CN-101479150-A: 燃气驱动的船用燃料系统 patent, CN-101480331-A: Capsule endoscope and method for processing image thereof patent, CN-101480422-A: 一种藏茵陈提取物和制备方法及其应用 patent, CN-101480955-A: 落下孔车及其卸货方法 patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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